Quiet Harbor premieres tomorrow

I just got home from a rehearsal on my piece Quiet Harbor, which will be premiered tomorrow by Synchromy at the Outpost Concert Series at UC Riverside. I’m very grateful to have Sarah Thornblade, Sara Andon, Ashley Walters, and Brian Walsh playing the piece. They’ve turned my dots and lines into something really beautiful, and I really can’t say enough how thankful I am to get to work with them. Here are a couple photos from rehearsal today:



If it seems like I’m getting a little mushy with this piece it’s because of how deeply it’s connected to Emerald Bay, on Catalina Island. I spent every summer there while growing up, and visited this past August for the first time in years. I’d forgotten how being there makes me feel, and tried to capture that in this piece. The boat at the top of this post, and on the cover of the score, is the Manta, which I also worked on (usually while back on the mainland). Speaking of the score:

Quiet Harbor (click here to open a PDF.)

Hope to see you at the concert tomorrow.


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