Awesome news with Dennis Tobenski, less awesome news about the London show

I’m gonna start off with a quick venting session because, dude, I have a blog. IF YOU BOOK A CONCERT FOR A PIANIST, MAKE SURE THE VENUE HAS A GODDAMN PIANO. If the composer visiting from 5,000+ miles away says “don’t cancel it, I’ll find you a piano,” and then proceeds to FIND YOU A PIANO, don’t cancel the concert.

In case you hadn’t heard, the London show was canceled. I’ll avoid naming names here, but you can figure out all you need to figure out about that over on the concerts page (hint: it’s the one that says canceled).

I try to always be nice, praise people profusely when they have earned it, help people out, and keep my mouth shut when I’ve got negative things to say. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve publicly broken that (besides saying that certain members of the extreme right don’t deserve basic human rights – but come on, that’s true). But let’s call this a lesson: if you want something done, either do it with people you can trust, who have earned that position through their own proven work, or do it yourself. And in the name of working with people you can trust and doing it ourselves, Dennis Tobenski and I have a concert together on August 29 at the Duplex in New York. Dennis’s friend Marc Pelonquin will be playing Dennis’s songs (I believe with Mr. Tobenski himself singing) and 100% of my pieces for solo piano to date, as well as #Armada’s Piano Sonata.

I am so excited for this. Dennis is a great composer and a great advocate for new music, and this will be my first proper show in New York. Big leagues, dude. I think the way we’ve got the program set is going to be pretty rad, though, using my piano pieces as interludes between Dennis’s songs. Almost feels like a project for a CD…ha, we’ll see about that. But in any case, I seriously seriously hope any readers and friends in New York can make it out that night. It would be very cool to meet you all in person.

In other news, the piece for prepared piano is finished and will be performed in Santa Barbara in October, the piece for guitar and electronics continues to be under way, and, by contributing in a small way to Third Coast Percussion’s RENGA:Cage:100 project, as of next week I can say my music has been played at the Kennedy Center. This has been a pretty rad week, musically speaking. And my last birthday gift came in the mail, Taruskin’s Music from the Earliest Notations to the Sixteenth Century. I just started it two days ago but am thus far loving it.

There’s a bunch of other stuff coming up too, all listed over on the concerts page. Back to work.