Building the Recording Fund

Hi everyone,

I’ve come to the point in my career where it’s about time I released a CD/some tracks on itunes. Every successful composer I’ve spoken with has said that having one good recording can carry you farther than a premiere with the New York Phil (although I wouldn’t mind that). A recording can act as a sort of business card, and can help me gain some more exposure that could lead to better and better opportunities. I can think of quite a few instances where I’ve been disqualified from calls for works simply because they had not yet been recorded.

Believe it or not, I’ve had offers from two record labels to release CDs of my music. They want me to help with the funding though, and their prices have me in sticker shock. Perhaps I’m being a bit bold here, but I also feel like I can do it better, or at least would prefer to do it my own way. Most consumers (let’s not forget that a record is a product) barely listen to more than a single nowadays, so releasing something full length isn’t the most effective way of getting my music to new listeners. Most people, myself included, aren’t audiophiles, and I don’t need to spend $8,000 on ribbon mics, nice as they sound. Plus who wants to pay $20 for some shiny plastic that you can download for free in most cases?

That said, I’m going to begin releasing singles. The first one is going to be my first String Quartet. We’ll see what comes after that. I’ve got a friend with a nice sounding room and a couple of good mics, and a couple of offers from quartets who are ready to record. I can sell them for only $5 or so, and listeners get the piece they want without all the clutter of extra works that don’t have anything to do with the featured one.

While this is a much more economical venture than many other options, it isn’t free. I believe, though, with your help it can be completely affordable. So I am now openly requesting financial support for this project. My goal is to keep costs under $2,000. Absolutely anything you can contribute will be massively appreciated, and you’ll of course get a free copy of the CD, and I will probably offer to take you to dinner if you’re local. There’s a Paypal button below to accept donations, or you can contact me directly. Thank you for your support!