The Other Side of Valentine’s Day

Synchromy: The Other Side of Valentine's Day

My colleagues in Synchromy gave me a concert to curate, and I’m quite stoked on the idea we came up with. We’re doing a show the day AFTER Valentine’s Day at the Blue Whale, with songs of heartbreak and longing and such for soprano and piano, broken up with insane-sounding interludes for trombone, one of…

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Quiet Harbor premieres tomorrow

Clockwise: Sarah Thornblade, Ashley Walters, Brian Walsh, and Sarah Andon

I just got home from a rehearsal on my piece¬†Quiet Harbor, which will be premiered tomorrow by Synchromy at the Outpost Concert Series at UC Riverside. I’m very grateful to have Sarah Thornblade, Sara Andon, Ashley Walters, and Brian Walsh playing the piece. They’ve turned my dots and lines into something really beautiful, and I…

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Player Piano Test for Resolves; concert this Sunday

On Sunday, June 8, at 7:30 PM, some other UCSB composers and musicians and I are putting on a concert at Geiringer Hall. It’ll be the premiere of my new piece Resolves, which is a semi-open score piece for player piano, electronics, strings, and optional percussion, bass, and clarinet. The player piano part is generated…

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Guitar Premiere Week

Okay, I still owe ya’ll a post-Brahms wrap-up, but I’ve been going hard on new pieces and will get to that one of these days. This is just a mention of two shows coming up that I’m pretty excited about. Both involve guitar, my main instrument. I’ve always found it tough to compose for, because…

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All The Wrong Notes to premiere at Hear Now Festival

I just received the news that my piano piece All The Wrong Notes has been picked up for a premiere at this year’s Hear Now Music Festival in LA in May. The festival runs May 2 – 4 on the westside, and my friend Richard Valitutto will be playing it. Some friends are also on…

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It's February already?

You guys watch the Superbowl on Sunday? I thought SF was actually going to make that comeback work for a while. I bring this up because I watched the game with my friends Federico Llach and Amanda Kritzberg of the Now Hear Ensemble, and they’ve officially commissioned a new piece from me for their fall…

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Lines in the Sand, Wavering Lines, Deserts, Dessert

I just put a double bar line on my piece for Daniel Gall’s Wavering Lines project. It’s close to a final draft – I’ll stare at it for a while for the next week or so, and then send it off to the performers. This is a pretty cool project; Daniel is both a composer…

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New Score for SATB Chorus

Who’s got a new score posted on this blog? This guy! (Awkwardly points at self.) But seriously, people really liked the middle movement of Moon Songs, so I decided to make it into a standalone piece for SATB chorus. The New Century Voices are premiering it in Santa Barbara on December 3rd. Should be an…

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