AutoSonata Beta @ Oh My Ears!

Mesa, AZ

Oh My Ears' 4th Annual Marathon includes a performance of my piece AutoSonata Beta. I'll be playing guitar.

Huge lineup!

Slender Loris (Tsone and Keith Kelly)
Jenna Dalby, cello
Λ∅n, modular synth
Devon Tipp, bassoon (NJ)
Jacob Adler, piano
Ashley Oakley, piano
Driftwood Quintet
BLACK AIR (Josh Bennett, clarinet)
Sarah Constant (Canada) and Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer, flute/black midi
Lauren Sarah Hayes
Ian Dicke, composer/piano/electronics (CA)
Tandem Duo
Trey Makler Trio (MO)
Petrichor Duo
Justine Aronson & Richard Valitutto (CA)
Valerie Kuehne and the Wasps Nests (NY/PA)
Jason Barabba, guest composer (CA)

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