(h)artDrive performs In Ecclesia @ Queens New Music Festival

Long Island City, NY

Nadav Lev and Giacomo Baldelli's new electric guitar duo perform In Ecclesia.

Opening concert of the Queens New Music Festival 2017

PROGRAM 1: Svrček-Ojeda piano duo
Colin McPhee: Balinese Ceremonial Music for piano duo (1938)
I. Pemoengkah
II. Gambangan
III. Taboeh Teloe
Xingzimin Pan: Lovers’ Whispers for piano duo (2014)
Frederick Lesemann: |bar code| Dance Music for Two Pianos (2014)


PROGRAM 2: (h)artDrive
Nick Norton: In Ecclesia (2014)
Dan Vanhassel: Reverie (2015)
Danny Clay: Two and Six (2015)
Ricardo Gallo: Fibrae (2017, World Premiere) for 3 electric guitars
w/ guest guitarist Alejandro Florez
Ryan Brown: Double Negative (2012)

Susan Svrček & Nelson Ojeda-Valdes’ program is sponsored by Steinway & Sons.

(h)artDrive is a new electric guitar duo featuring New York City-based guitarists Nadav Lev and Giacomo Baldelli. It is committed to both exploring and expanding the repertoire for electric guitar duo.

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