Does this make me a professional?

I’ve received a bit of sweet news in the last couple of weeks, and wanted to share it. First, I heard that ensembleGreen would be giving the US premiere of Gare D’Arras on March 5th in Los Angeles. This is my first concert in LA, and my first performance put on by professional musicians out in the world instead of through a school or workshop or program or whatnot. Awesome! Details are on the concerts page.

Just last night I got confirmation that the very next day Charles Bruffy and the Kansas City Chorale (the guys that win all kinds of Grammys) will be performing the world premiere of Elevation Morceau, the vocal piece I wrote last summer in Dartington. They’ll be performing it twice. YES!!!!

Couple those with the concerts coming up in Berlin (including the world premiere of Dream Lights (Riverbank) at the Klangwerkstatt Festival, info in German here), and I’m up to nine shows booked as a non-student composer, all of which are on the concerts page. Feels pretty awesome! About time I released a record….

In other news, work on Moon Songs continues.