How to Sing Poorly

Lots of reasons I haven’t updated anything in quite some time. Most importantly, I’ve been busy as hell. The Better Looking People With Superior Ideas record is off to Nick Tipp for mixing, and we should have something released before the end of the year. Immediately after getting stuff to him Honest Iago started working hard again ahead of a string of shows for December, and a new record is in the works there too.

Craig (from both bands) and I recently appeared in a commercial that was shot for a call for submissions from Experian. Craig’s the suave producer, I’m the terrible singer. We’re in my studio for it, and he plays a little bit of a Better Looking People song on an acoustic guitar, which will sound absolutely nothing like the finished product. But it’s fun nonetheless:

I have also started a new blog, over at NewClassic.LA. I figured there’s no central source for modern classical/outsider type stuff in LA, and that I could create one. The feature I’m most proud of is the concert listing, which is modeled after, the site I wrote for in college. Good times. Fact is, LA has an awesome post-classical-or-whatever-we-want-to-call-it scene, it just doesn’t get much attention. Hopefully I can help it get some, or at the very least get a few free concert tickets.

Got the 8 channel interface I need for my installation, and Hunter Knight (also from Honest Iago, just completed an MS in acoustics, looking for a job!) has designed a stand-alone program built on MAX/MSP to run the tracks. Getting excited for Brazil already. What I’m going to lecture on is another topic entirely.