I put out a new record yesterday

And did it on such short notice that I didn’t get around to updating the blog! Here’s the cover art:

At Glass Beach

Here’s the piece:

And here’s what it says on the Bandcamp page (which is all true):

A realization of a piece for an infinite number of guitarists, playing an infinite number of guitars, recorded in an infinite number of places, and played back through an infinite number of speakers in an infinite number of combinations.

In this case, we used six guitarists, in six countries, through eight speakers, with some bells. We put each recording through three different reverberant spaces at Bedrock Studios in LA, we did some cool randomization stuff, then we mixed it down to two channels so that you can listen to it at home, where you might not have an octaphonic speaker setup.

The piece is meant to lend an atmosphere to a space, rather than to be actively listened to. I recommend putting it on and doing something relaxing, in a place with mellow lighting. You can put on multiple copies of it as well, starting at different times. When we premiered it at Mills College, with video by David Gordon, we let it run as guests entered the concert hall, talked with each other, and took their seats. And it felt great. A bunch of high-quality stills from the video are included with your download. So is a PDF of the score that each guitarist played from.

Fabricio Mattos tracked down the guitarists. I’m indebted to both him and David for helping make this possible.

If you’re interested in presenting it as a sound installation, please drop me a line.

The video we made for the installation is up at the top.

Tell everyone.