I've been neglecting the internet…

You may have noticed (or not, but I’ll feel totally complimented if you did!) that this site hasn’t been updated for a while. There are a couple of reasons:

1. I was in Israel.

2. I was in New York.

3. I was moving into my new place in Santa Barbara.

4. I was preparing for PhD entrance exams.

5. I did not have internet at my house yet.

6. I’ve discovered how awesome it is to go out and do stuff instead of updating your website.

So Israel was, in a nutshell, amazing. The people make the place, and the people I was on the trip with were some of the coolest dudes and ladies I’ve ever met. I really do hope we all stay in touch and stuff. Also, the place is pretty mind-boggling. Loads of history, loads of beautiful natural stuff, good food. I’m not a zionist and I’m certainly not in favor of a lot of Israel’s policies (or much of a fan of Netanyahu’s government), and I was pleased that the birthright organizers didn’t push anything along those lines on us. If you’re in any way Jewish, I’d highly recommend going, and would recommend doing it with Israel Outdoors if you can. Here’s a photo with a camel:


And here’s one on top of Masada, with the sun rising over the Dead Sea in the background:


Here are a few of us hiking in the Negev, which was really pretty astounding, especially the stupidly large number of stars and galaxies and things visible at night:


And here’s a dude at the Sea of Galilee telling my friend Spencer and I that only ladies are allowed to dance on the bar, sexist bastard:


Oh yeah, so, New York. It was sweet. Dennis Tobenski and I put on a concert at The Duplex. We got about 20 people there, which I was super happy about, since it was my first time in New York and we put it together on short notice. Frank J. Oteri came along, and gave us a pretty nice write up on New Music Box. He called my music “visceral sonic haiku,” and that sounds pretty rad to me.

I also had a show at Carnegie Hall. Yes, it was in the lobby, and yes, it was me performing a version of AutoSonata for hand percussion to an empty room, but it’s not my fault no one showed up. As far as I’m concerned, New York missed out and should be ashamed.

So now I live in Santa Barbara. Because I’m working on a PhD in music, at UC Santa Barbara. And let me tell you, it’s sweet. Day jobs are terrible, creatively speaking. They rob you of the energy you need to get any work done on anything else. I can now wake up, compose, walk to the beach, compose some more, come home, record a bit and read, then bike over to campus to learn more and talk about music. It’s really pretty perfect. Get ready for new pieces and new records, a lot more often.

Off to sketch a little something something. Night!