It is extremely important for young composers such as myself to reach out to new audiences and have our music heard, to keep our traditions alive while innovating, and to attract new audiences to classical music.

So I have decided to release my String Quartet as a single. It’s concise for listeners, practical to record, and I feel it is one of my best works. Nigel Armstrong, concertmaster of both the Colburn Orchestra and the American Youth Symphony, has offered to perform the work with his friends. Nicolas Tipp, who has won Grammies for his work with the LA Opera, and worked with the LA Phil and a lot of my favorite rock bands, has agreed to produce the record.

We’ll be recording late in January, with a CD out and tracks available for download on itunes and in other stores by March. Unfortunately this project does have a price tag, but I know that with your support we can make it a reality.

Every successful composer I’ve spoken with has told me that a single good recording can carry you further than a premiere with the New York Philharmonic. Aside from providing enjoyment for listeners, a recording can act as a sort of business card, so that performers, festivals, commissioners, granting organizations, and anyone else can instantly get to know your music. A single is also a great introduction for new audiences to classical music.

Here is how the budget for the project breaks down:

Musicians’ fees: $400
Producer/engineer: $1,200
Room rental: $200
CD pressing and distribution: $300
Fees/overhead: $200

Total: $2300

I hope that you will be able to help me take this next important step. To donate, visit Please share this link with your friends and colleagues. Thank you so much, and all the best for the holidays.