Moon Songs

Work is well under way on my commission from WomenSing. It’s going to be a five movement suite, with each movement using text by a different child poet. The first movement is done, pending a workshop, and I’m very happy with the way the piece is going. Libby Larsen is acting as my mentor, since this is my first proper commission, and working with her has been awesome so far.

Here are the poems I’ve selected:

    Horizon please continue
    Until the end of the sky
    Mingled tinted twilights
    Prelude to a pearly sliced moon
    You are the dividing line
    Between gravity and geese
    Crossed by dimmed silhouettes.

    From My Boat
    From my boat,
    I like the night
    I do not think
    the moon
    is the moon.
    I think the moon is
    a manta ray.
    The stars and fish
    swim in the
    black water.

    I found a person just like me
    in the frozen pond.

    The moon voice
    shouts out
    brilliant twilight
    through acres of black sky

    My World
    I stand on the moon
    Looking at the big, round, blue earth
    And I’m going to eat it
    Very, very slowly

I’ll continue to post updates on here as things progress.