Nightttt Loops is done Nightttt Loops is done Nightttt Loops is done

In case the title didn’t make it clear, my new piece Nightttt Loops is complete. It’s for my friend Matthías Ingiberg Sigurðsson, an amazing clarinetist from Reykjavik who I met at Dartington, who is now studying at The Hague. The piece was originally for clarinet and piano and loop pedal, but I decided (very pragmatically, I think), that it could be cool with just about any treble instrument, so I opened that up. There’s some space for improvisation. Have a look at the score by clicking here. Information on performances will be forthcoming.

Also, last night I added a pop filter and a second monitor to my studio. Also note the Akai MPK Mini Craig just bought. That thing is so awesome! I can listen to it play arpeggios for me all day:

Now onto some work for L’ensemble Portmantô