Player Piano Test for Resolves; concert this Sunday

On Sunday, June 8, at 7:30 PM, some other UCSB composers and musicians and I are putting on a concert at Geiringer Hall. It’ll be the premiere of my new piece Resolves, which is a semi-open score piece for player piano, electronics, strings, and optional percussion, bass, and clarinet.

The player piano part is generated in real time by an Ableton Live patch that selects randomly from a pre-programmed collection of notes and pitches. The string parts are also randomly selected; each player has a stack of papers with a phrase on each one, and is directed to shuffle the papers and then play through their phrases in the order they end up in.

In other news, there will be free ice cream, and there’s a ridiculous poster for the event that I love, designed by my friend and co-conspirator Marc Evans. Here is that: