Premiere season

Film premieres are awesome. I went to San Diego for Jay’s this weekend (with my soundtrack), and there was chocolate, and good beer, and a Q and A, and lots of compliments, and a fun after party with calamari. Writing soundtracks isn’t something I thought I would be into, but it was really fun this time, and I’d like to do it again in the future.

Just about two weeks until the premiere of Moon Songs. THAT is going to be a party.

Making its premiere in my living room this week is a brand spankin new iMac, and I finally bought Logic Studio. Get ready for some crazy synth sounds, listening world. In doing the “go through files on old computer to decide what to put on new computer,” I came across some old pictures, and put a vaguely NSFW one (I am so topless in it) over on the images page. It’s not really NSFW, I just wanted to use that term on my website.

Since installing Logic I have been spending way too much time on the Logic Pro Help forum, and it is awesome, so I thought I should give them a shout. Go to to check it out.

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