Recording from Montreal

Montreal was absolutely amazing. Mark Bradley, Mira Benjamin, Josh Peters, Melissa Claisse, and Andrea Stewart are among the best musicians I’ve ever had the chance to work with. There was an awesome crowd for the concert, which was in a little performance space above a mechanic shop. People trudged in through the snow, and we all had beer and listened to Sigur Ros before the show started. Extra props to Andrea for her performance of the Ligeti cello sonata, and to everyone in the band for the amount of poutine we polished off afterward.

There’s no way to adequately encapsulate in words what a good time I had visiting the great white north and hanging out with the guys in Portmantô. I can, however, post a recording (a live video may be on the way too). We made this during the dress rehearsal:

The piece itself is pretty flexible, and calls for audience members to make decisions about what gets played. People really seemed to dig that. I finally put the score online today. Check it out by clicking here. If you want to play it, go right ahead, but drop me a line so I can send you parts/try to help promote the show.

I’ll leave you with a photo that I hope captures the mood of the city and the whole experience: