Now Hear Ensemble: Made in California

Now Hear Ensemble: Made in California


My friends in Now Hear Ensemble commissioned eleven Californian composers to write pieces for their first tour and album, Made in California. I was lucky to be chosen, and so composed Ghost Pepper Eyes for the band. They recorded the piece over summer and premiered it on October 26, 2013 at UC San Diego’s Conrad Prebys Music Center.

Here’s a preview video:

Full information on the album is available at

Track list

Ghost in the Machine // by Dan VanHassel
Harmonic Distances // by Mateo Lugo
A Havoc Wrought // by David Werfelmann
Mobile // by Jon Myers
And After // by Eoin Callery
Punctuations, in/over silence // by Kevin Zhang
Into this Dislocated Assemblage, this Piece of Damaged Geology // by Iván Naranjo
Made in China, Made in California // by Carolyn Chen
A Smaller Moment // by Daniel Miller
Ghost Pepper Eyes // by Nick Norton
Variable Speed Machine // by Todd Lerew

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