String Quartet No. 1: London

Nick Norton


Engineered, produced, and mixed by Nick Tipp.

Performed by the Peresson Quartet (Nigel Armstrong and Luanne Homzy, violins, Minkyung Sung, viola, Julian Schwarz, cello), January 24, 2011 at Matt Snyder Studios in Los Angeles, California.

All music written by Nick Norton, published by/copyright Bathysphere Music (ASCAP).
Cover photo by Anirudh Kol. Layout by Scott Toepfer.

Executive produced by Russell Ferrante, Craig Vermeyen, and Nick Norton.

This recording is supported in part through Subito, the quick advancement grant program of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the American Composers Forum.

Gigantic thanks: Mom, my family, Flora, Craig, Matts, Scott, Hunter, Sara(h), Shane, Erin, Elyse, Elissa, you guys mean the world to me and I wouldn’t be who I am without you. My London friends, I love and miss you, Tom, Donal, Miguel, Josh, Chris, Ed, Sonia. Joyce Fienberg, Kirk Hetherington, and everyone who gave the financial support that made this possible. My teachers, Rob, Lei, Rand, Colin, Harvey, Michel, Chinary, and all of my composer friends who I have learned so much from. Nigel, Luanne, Minkyung, Julian, and Nick, it was awesome to work with you and I hope we get to again.

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All material copyright Nick Norton unless otherwise noted.