It was a couple weeks ago, but I still haven’t put an update up about WomenSing, the trip up to the bay, the premiere of Moon Songs, or a whole bunch of other awesome stuff. So I’m going to do that.

I drove up to SF with my mom the day before the first concert to see some family, and ended up hanging out with some friends from college. They took me to the Jupiter in Berkeley, and we had a good bit of Drake’s Denogginizer, which I highly recommend if you’re into double IPAs. Day 2 was concert day, so I had lunch with a family friend with a beach house in Alameda, and then off to rehearsal and the show, which was in Berkeley. Martin and WomenSing were totally prepared and awesome…it was one of the first concerts where I didn’t really have to do anything except enjoy it and bow, and that was really cool. The piece came out so well! Good crowd too, and they really seemed to dig it. We went to Flavors of India for dinner afterwards with a few more friends, and it was some of the best Indian food I’ve had since London, save Nawab in Santa Monica.

Day 3 involved making a few edits to the piece, then going into SF to check out the MOMA there, which had an exhibit on Gertrude Stein that was really cool. Went to City Lights books too (tourist, after all), and just walked around. Then back to Berkeley for dinner at Chez Panisse, which is among the best food I have ever eaten. They had a cheese there called Sofia from Goat USA, which I am now on a quest to find. Whole Foods doesn’t carry it, so it’s off to Silverlake Cheese next time I am on that side of town.

Next morning I met the aforementioned friends from college (Ian and Sara) for lunch, then we went into the city to check out the original Toronado. They opened a second location in San Diego during my last year of college which quickly become my second favorite bar, so we wanted to see the original. Turned out everything (literally, everything) was only $3, so we spent a very long time there. My friend Matt Wilson came to meet us. I really hadn’t seen him since college either, and he’s probably the best guitarist I know, so it was great to catch up. Ended up crashing at his place, because we had a fun night and I didn’t want to be intrusive by having my host from the chorus pick me up from the BART station so late at night. We actually found pretty good Mexican food, then watched a documentary on hyphy culture and what ghostriding the whip purportedly represents, which was absolutely hysterical (though attempting to be serious).

Hung with my friend Jenny, also from college, the next day, and went to Ike’s sandwiches. Amazingly, a friend from high school named Robert was working there, who is now playing in a band with one of the guys from The Ghost, which was Robert’s favorite band in high school. That is awesome. That sandwich place had one with meatballs and mozzarella sticks on a dutch crunchy sweet bread…oh my god it was so good. Jenny and I also drove across the Golden Gate, got some ice cream in Sausalito, and hung at a big park in the Mission District that I am currently forgetting the name of, that totally blew my mind. People walk around selling weed and shrooms like it’s legal. They literally have carts and signs, and also sell sodas and water bottles and stuff. Crazy. Did some shopping too.

My mom had been staying with some friends and catching up with people (she used to live up there), and mentioned to someone that I’ve been looking for a good hat. Lo and behold her friends own and operate the San Francisco Hat Company. They gave me a really nice hat for free, so I want to give them a shout on here. You should buy a hat from them. Ha, my first endorsement! Cool. Anyway that evening was concert number 2, in Lafayette, and the performance was great again, and I got to do the pre-concert talk, which was a lot of fun (first time), sold some CDs, my uncle and a couple more friends came to the show, all in all an awesome evening.

Flew home the next day, but wow! I loved it up there! Attention Bay Area, if you want to play my music, I will definitely come up and be involved in any way that I can, especially if we can get a sandwich at Ike’s.

Since getting home I’ve mostly been working on Nightttt Loops, my piece for clarinet and piano for my friend Matthías Sigurðsson. Looks like he might do it at a festival in Reykjavik, which I would love because I’ll take any excuse I can to go back there, and possibly perform it some more in Amsterdam. This is my first official piece for live instrument and electronics (loop pedals and playback), and even though I’ve played with that stuff forever it feels cool to be getting it in as a composer. I even made an Amazon store to go with the piece, in case people want to play it and don’t know what equipment they need. It’s here: http://astore.amazon.com/honiagoffweb-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=1.

Speaking of Amazon, my birthday is coming up, and if you feel like sending a complete stranger a gift, click here to see my wishlist. That probably comes off really strangely, but hey I’ve seen other people with blogs do it, and there’s no way I can afford an Orange Tiny Terror anytime soon, so why not.

I think that more or less brings us up to date. WAIT! Dennis Tobenski, who is a killer composer, singer, and web designer, offered to help me make an RSS feed for this blog. I don’t think he knew what he was getting into, with my ancient and terrible CMS it was damn near impossible and took him like a whole day. But for that, I am extremely thankful. You can subscribe by clicking here, and you should definitely check him out over at dennistobenski.com.

Okay, back to musicking.