Some news for today

It’s Tuesday, and that means new music is coming out today. Not wanting to be left out, I decided to release a track from my soundtrack for The Southern Question online. Everything that you might need to download it can be found by clicking here. The premiere of the film will be in San Diego on May 21, and I’m really excited about this.

It has been a great month for releases actually, as String Quartet No. 1 is finally available everywhere, physical copies too. All of the info on that can be found right here. I actually made what I think is a pretty cool looking recordings page on the site, so have a look by clicking “Records” in this site’s navigation.

I was up in the Bay Area last weekend for the workshop performance of Moon Songs with WomenSing. They were so good! The piece sounded even better than I had imagined, and with the workshop and the guidance of Libby Larsen we made a few more improvements. The concerts in June are going to be great!

I’m now working on a piece for clarinet and piano for my friend Matthias, who I met at Dartington a couple of summers ago. There is a very good chance it will use a loop pedal too, and also a good chance that my roommates are going to be sick of hearing me playing with loops by a couple of weeks from now. But it should be sweet.

I received some news so awesome last night that it required me to respond in all capital letters with a series of symbols, numbers, and exclamation marks, something I am generally wary of. I will share that news as soon as the ensemble says its okay to make it public. If that isn’t a hint.