Some recommendations

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, and today I was spending some time reflecting on the past 25 years, and realized I’ve experienced a lot of things that I’ve enjoyed. Seeing as I have a blog, I figured I could now and then recommend some things I think that other people might enjoy too, so that we might all have more things to enjoy. So here’s the first of what might become an aperiodic series of random recommendations.

1. Swordfish from Whole Foods, with a honey soy glaze. Flora made this for my birthday dinner last night. It’s the second time we’ve picked up fresh fish from Whole Foods, and both times it has been ridiculously good.

2. Refused’s album The Shape of Punk to Come. Sometimes people ask me what music I listen to. This has been my favorite record for a little over ten years now, and the sheer scope and variety of it did a lot to shape how I think about music and composing.

3. La Tur and Sofia. These are my two favorite goat cheeses, even though La Tur is a blend of goat, cow, and sheep milk.

4. The Mass Effect games and Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space series. Mass Effect 2 got best game of our generation from IGN for a reason. Those books are both really interesting and really engrossing, if you’re into sci fi at all or looking to be more into it.

5. The Rite of Spring. This is, and probably always will be, my favorite piece of music. Perhaps that’s cliche, but damn it’s good.

6. Night snorkeling. If you live near or travel to somewhere that has nice ocean life, check it out at night sometime. We used to do this on Catalina sometimes, and so many more and different kinds of fish would come out, and they’d be attracted to your light and would come right up to you. It’s really cool.

7. Bell Orchestre live. They’re good on CD. Live, it seems like they’ve nailed everything good about going to concerts, with none of the bad. See them. Seriously. I took a few composer friends in London and they all said that the show completely changed their outlooks on music.

8. The South of France. If you like beach towns and want to go somewhere further than San Diego, which I also love and want to move back to, go somewhere in the French Riviera and just float around for a while. It’s dreamy.

9. Very dark chocolate. This can actually be healthy. Probably not in the amounts I eat it, but come on, it’s so good!

10. Craft beer. As much as I enjoy being occasionally tipsy, I’ve never been into beer for that reason. It’s all about flavor yo. If you’ve talked to me or know me at all you already knew that this would be on this list. If not, start just about anywhere…instead of Coors, find a locally brewed blonde ale, and you’ll be on the road to better ingredients, more interesting flavors, and supporting small businesses. Stone Levitation is a good place to start from that direction, or if you think you don’t like beer but you do like wine and champagne, try a few Belgian Lambics to wet your proverbial whistle.

11. Spending time doing things that you like/Not spending time doing things that you don’t like. I’ve figured out that this is the absolute key to happiness. Enough said there.

Well that was fun! Maybe I will do that again at some point. I hope that if you try something on here you will enjoy it too.