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Beat repeat

I think I finally got the electronics sorted for Mirror Smasher. I knew from the beginning that the pianists would need a click track, and that I’d rather pre-record the electronic part than do any live processing. In the spirit of the piece (breaking up material into small fragments), the first set of electronics is…

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Note on rhythm notation

Mirror Smasher, in its nine minute form for November 5, is pretty well done. By which I mean the piano parts are pretty well done – there’s still a ton to do with electronics and engraving. Regarding engraving, I ran into something that I thought might help other composers to know. Here’s an email I…

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1 year, 25 days

….since my last blog post. I’ve realized that I’ve been spending so much time on various projects that taking the time to write about said projects just hasn’t been a thing that’s going to happen. Then I was listening to Dennis Tobenski’s Music Publishing Podcast¬†the other week and he said that he liked to use…

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