The Newports’ debut EP is out today

The Newports: That's Fine

A little over a year ago I was really missing playing rock shows so decided to buy a bass and join the first punk band I found on Craigslist that sounded good (and let me join). That band is The Newports, and oh man, it has been a blast. My initial plan was to essentially…

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Where The Lights Meet is out!

Well this is a bit late, as my Brahms project has been taking up pretty much all of my attention over the past few weeks…but good news! My band and I released our new single, Where The Lights Meet, on October 1. I figured I oughtta say something here. You can take a listen using…

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New Record Tonight at Midnight!

Very exciting news everyone! My band’s new record will be out tonight (tomorrow really), January 1, 2013, at 12 am, and you can order it right here: We played our first LA show last night, and it was so much fun. Here’s a photo: I hope you enjoy the record. Happy new year!

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Bachtoberfest 2012

#TeamClassical have proclaimed this month (which ends today) Bachtoberfest, and have invited anyone who would like to to pick a BWV, drink some craft beer, and film themselves playing it. My band Better Looking People With Superior Ideas and I have taken up the challenge, and last night, after some pumpkin beer (specifically Chatoe Rogue’s…

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Interview on The Glass, Benefit Concert

Music writer Chris McGovern recently interviewed me for his blog The Glass. It was a lot of fun to answer his questions, and I can’t recommend his blog enough. Check it out by clicking here. Music to Heal, the music therapy charity founded by Honest Iago band mate/very close friend/med student Matt Fradkin, which I…

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Honest Iago video

My band Honest Iago and I released our first music video today. Please share, tweet, and otherwise repost it like mad. Thanks!

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