Guitar Premiere Week

Okay, I still owe ya’ll a post-Brahms wrap-up, but I’ve been going hard on new pieces and will get to that one of these days. This is just a mention of two shows coming up that I’m pretty excited about. Both involve guitar, my main instrument. I’ve always found it tough to compose for, because my fingers always want to go where they’re used to going. I’m thus feeling relatively accomplished with these two pieces.

The first is this Friday, April 25th, at The Brunel Museum in London, at 7:00 PM. Fabricio Mattos will be performing the premiere of my piece, Connection, which he commissioned for guitar and field recordings. He’s taking it on tour this year with his Worldwide Guitar Connections project, and releasing a recording that will only be available at the shows. Details on the premiere are here: Here’s a poster:

WGC Beyond. LONDONThen, the very next day, Ignition Duo will premiere¬†In Ecclesia, for two electric guitars, at UCSB’s Primavera Festival. It’s very different from anything I’ve ever written – big drones, medieval counterpoint, very slow, ungodly loud. Okay maybe that last part isn’t so different. Anyway, I’m excited about the show. Here’s the poster for that one:

Loxodroming III_final