It's February already?

You guys watch the Superbowl on Sunday? I thought SF was actually going to make that comeback work for a while. I bring this up because I watched the game with my friends Federico Llach and Amanda Kritzberg of the Now Hear Ensemble, and they’ve officially commissioned a new piece from me for their fall 2013 tour. It’s going to be for clarinet, bass, and percussion, with possible electronics, and be pretty groovy. Neat!

Amanda came by over the weekend to see what happens when you plug a clarinet into my guitar setup. It sounded pretty sweet. Here’s a photo:


Before I start on that commission, however, I’m blazing through a piece for piano, strings, percussion, and potential winds (depending on if they’re necessary to get the point across). There’s really a lot going on right now though. I may have found a new collaborator to present At Glass Beach, my sound installation formerly titled On The Beach, sometime in the next couple of months – in which case, there would be new album art. In which case, the record would come out somewhat later than planned. March? April? Who can predict these things?

In more immediate news, the premiere of Standing alone in a frozen desert is this Friday at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA, at 8 PM. Here’s the score. I’m really excited for this piece, and for the opportunity to have written something for the opening night of Daniel Gall’s Lines in the Sand exhibition. Ben Phelps has a piece on the program too. It’s going to be a wild night, so please do come on out. We can go to the Daily Pint or Wurstkuche afterward too.

There are actually a whole bunch of concerts coming up. Better Looking People With Superior Ideas have four booked at the moment, and are working on putting together quite a few more. New Century Voices premiered Reflection last night to a pretty full house at UCSB. Things feel like they’re going well, but I feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work at the moment. That may be why this entry seems relatively scatterbrained, as these things go. Oh well.

Okay, time to relax and mess around with beats in Ableton/catch up on Downton Abbey. See you Friday!