Lines in the Sand, Wavering Lines, Deserts, Dessert

I just put a double bar line on my piece for Daniel Gall’s Wavering Lines project. It’s close to a final draft – I’ll stare at it for a while for the next week or so, and then send it off to the performers. This is a pretty cool project; Daniel is both a composer and a visual artist, and has invited me (and a few other composers) to write pieces based on one of his visual works, which will all be performed on opening night (February 8) of his exhibition at Beyond Baroque in Venice.


Lines in the Sand is the name of the series of paintings he did. Wavering Lines is the painting that we are supposed to have composed something to. I’ve titled my personal contribution Standing alone in a frozen desert because that’s the feeling I get when I look at Wavering Lines. Now, I believe it is time for dessert.

OH WAIT A MINUTE! My band’s record is coming out on January 1! And we’re finally booking a bunch of shows, including one at The Central in Santa Monica on December 30. Come on out! All the details and stuff are at or

Okay, now it is definitely time for dessert.