The Other Side of Valentine’s Day

My colleagues in Synchromy gave me a concert to curate, and I’m quite stoked on the idea we came up with. We’re doing a show the day AFTER Valentine’s Day at the Blue Whale, with songs of heartbreak and longing and such for soprano and piano, broken up with insane-sounding interludes for trombone, one of which is titled Walk of Shame.

The performers are Justine Aronson, Richard Valitutto, and Matt Barbier. I’m ecstatic pretty much any time I get to write for such phenomenal players, and the fact that they’re friends and are excited about the idea for the program is an added bonus.

As such, I’ve written a new song for Richard and Justine. At the moment, it’s called Song for Richard and Justine. It’s a bit of a graphic score, which is something they said they’d want to explore, and I always enjoy writing. Here’s a photo:

Nick Norton's sketch for Song for Justine and Richard.

Sketch for Song for Justine and Richard.

The text is from the song¬†Classic Cars by Bright Eyes. It’s just one lyric that gets re-written various ways, so I figure it fits under derivative works, and I’ll credit Conor Oberst anyway. The line is “never trust a heart so bent it can’t break.”

I am somewhat in love with the poster for the show. Here it is:

Synchromy: The Other Side of Valentine's Day