The Only Reason I Am Happy That The Chargers Didn't Make The Superbowl

The recording session on my string quartet last Monday was awesome! And tomorrow night I am going over to Nick Tipp’s house to give him my final edits, so that he can cut together all of the takes into the ultimate performance. So for the past two weeks I’ve been listening to about 20 versions of the same thing, making notes on my scores, and generally being indecisive and confused. I’ve got six takes of literally two notes on the cello that all sound nearly the same, but I want the BEST ONE for the CD. I see why some composers just prefer to have a producer do this. But I’m a) on a budget, b) want the experience, c) occasionally a control freak when it comes to my music.

That said, I am currently working at my desk and took a break to come type this because the set of takes I was listening to were all starting to blend together in my head. Here’s what my desk looks like:


Shane is having a Super Bowl party which I’m helping provide beer for, and it is looking like I will be here working through most of it. Maybe I can catch the second half. I seriously don’t care about the Steelers or the Packers though, and, as the subject line says, my possibly having to miss the game is the only reason that it’s okay that SD isn’t there. I picked up some really good pistachios yesterday, and I can in fact eat those while I edit, so it’s not so bad.

Back to work. PS, I have a CD coming out soon.