Blue Hour

Music for Film or Dance

About Blue Hour

The blue hour is the short period of time after sunset when the last glow of the sun is still visible as stars begin to appear.

Joffrey Texas, a dance academy founded by Robert Joffrey in 1978, commissioned a piece from choreographer Katie Cooper and me to commemorate their 40th anniversary season.

Strangely, the title helped drive the direction of the piece. As soon as I came across the phrase “blue hour” in an astronomy calendar in my kitchen I knew it was a perfect match, as the workshop features a pre-professional training program for young dancers who are beginning to shine.

Perfomances of Blue Hour

  • 07/21/2018 Joffrey Texas San Antonio, TX
  • 07/06/2018 American Creators Ensemble Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium Eugene, OR