Nick Norton is – like you – made from materials forged in the cores of stars. He lives in Los Angeles and makes music everywhere.

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  • The Newports perform at Cafe NELA in Los Angeles, CA on February 22 More Info
  • The Newports perform at The Pack Theater in Los Angeles, CA on February 22
  • Nick Norton performs at The Santa Barbara Museum of Art in Santa Barbara, CA on February 25 More Info
  • Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble performs All The Wrong Notes at Boston Court in Pasadena, CA on March 3 More Info
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Newest record

Honest Iago: A Glorious Field For Sawmills

New here? Meet Nick

Nick Norton was born in LA approximately 13.6 billion years after the big bang. As a composer, guitarist, and concert producer he is deeply interested in the colorful grey areas between genres, creating new experiences for listeners, and destroying social barriers to enjoying music.

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