Four One


About Four One

Four One is one of my Four Calm Interludes, and a piece I feel very strongly about. It’s quite slow, very simple, traditionally “beautiful,” and unlike anything else I’ve ever written except perhaps On Nothing, which may have been an unconscious warm up for this. 2020 was a rough year for, well, everyone, but a particularly rough one for me as I was diagnosed with a serious mental illness that caused me to crash my “day job” into the ground, lose close friends and my relationship, and move home in a state of severe depression that’s lasted nearly a year now as I type this in April of 2021.

Then one day, after months of no composing and virtually no music, this just kind of came out, and nothing else came out after this. It feels totally honest and somehow important to me, and made me believe that I’m not done with music just yet. It is meditative and quite easy to play.