About Imitator

Things I either consciously imitated or self-consciously worried I was imitating:

  • Minimalism
  • David Lang’s rhythm
  • Aleatoric notation – how original!
  • Violin techniques in Andrew Norman’s Try
  • The idea of prelude and fugue
  • Composers who know what they’re doing
  • Aphex Twin: 4
  • Stravinsky: Les Cinq Doigts
  • The ending of Nicholas Deyoe’s Lullaby 2
  • Some of the trombone techniques in Brutal Music No. 2 by Andrew Tholl
  • A couple of my own pieces
  • Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint
  • Concerto form
  • The way Ben Phelps quotes stuff so well
  • Aron Kallay playing Kate Moore’s Bloodmoon October
  • Holst: The Planets
  • Parts of the piece you’re about to play or hear

Commissioned by, written for, and dedicated to Ensemble Mise-En.

Perfomances of Imitator

  • 02/19/2016 ensemble mise-en The Cell New York, NYMore Info