Line Made Out of Dots


About Line Made Out of Dots

I get a lot of pleasure from hearing performers interpret my music in different ways. Usually players bring things to the table that I hadn’t imagined. As such, I sometimes choose to leave elements of pieces completely open, because I’d be happy with many potential interpretations and enjoy hearing all of the possibilities.

Line Made Out of Dots, from my series of eighty-eight note pieces, Tessellations, specifies only an order of pitches and a basic playing technique. Phrase lengths and the choice of which notes to sustain are totally up to the performing musician. Thus far, I’ve never heard it the same way twice.

Line Made Out of Dots also functions as the opening of Mix Bar 70.

Perfomances of Line Made Out of Dots

  • 02/12/2015 Mark Robson Chapman University Orange, CAMore Info
  • 09/28/2014 Mark Robson Private home Los Angeles, CA
  • 09/12/2014 Mark Robson Occidental College, Bird Studio Los Angeles, CA