Under a Neon Sky

AcousticInstallations and ExperimentsJuvenalia

About Under a Neon Sky

Under a Neon Sky is the first piece I felt really good about as an undergraduate composition student. It won me UCSD’s Stewart Prize for Creativity in 2008, and was the closer on my final undergrad composition recital, which was also the first and last time I’ve conducted in front of an audience.

It was inspired by my first reading of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything. When I hear it now it sounds pretty weak, but it’s kind of interesting, and I really like the titles of the movements. It should probably be dedicated to Rand Steiger or Chinary Ung with thanks for their teaching.

The score is available on via Dropbox at dropbox.com/s/e81eeikyrvsukao/under%20a%20neon%20sky.pdf?dl=0