Sisters (Music From Camateur)

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About Sisters (Music From Camateur)

Sisters is my soundtrack for the short film Camateur, directed by Farren Bordon. The film had been temp tracked with music from Cliff Martinez’s score for The Neon Demon, which I happen to love, so I was stoked to take on the project and pay tribute to his sound world.

The film deals with a shy girl accidentally logging on to a cam girl site and meeting her much more…let’s say outgoing…online doppelgänger. It was fun to put shifts into the music based on which version of the character was onscreen, and bring the two sides together as the real girl and the doppelgänger became indistinguishable for the climax.

I wrote and recorded all of the parts (without a click track!) using the modeled synths in the Arturia V Collection, most notably their ARP 2600 (which I understand Martinez used for The Neon Demon), Minimoog, Prophet V, and Mellotron. When preparing the single release version of the soundtrack it was interesting hearing what timings needed adjustment without a picture to play off of.

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